Austin, TX Here We Come

My friend (and co-worker) Chris Rittersdorf and I will be travelling soon to Austin, Texas to get completely overwhelmed and freaked out by crowds at SXSW Interactive. Neither of us have been to SXSW before, but we have heard stories. I have a little bit of a fear of crowds, so this should be fun for me. Parties are also something that I don't really understand, so that should also be interesting for me. I know that Chris is planning on having fun and getting down so I will tag along for quite a bit of that.

Our lodging is probably the most interesting part of the entire trip. I am very excited to arrive to see what we are walking into. I found a place on AirBnB that has great reviews and is near enough to downtown (5 miles down South Congress). It is an RV that sits on a hobby farm next to a wooded creek owned by a Texan named Jim O. The property features 8 goats, an outdoor showed, high-speed internet and a potential barbeque with some of Jim O's friends. This should be awesome. Definitely looking forward to that.

More on this story as it develops.