Reveux of teuxdeux

While at SXSW, Tina Roth Eisenberg announced that her app and website, teuxdeux was getting a much needed update. With this update would come major changes and it would now cost money to use it.

People seemed genuinely happy and excited at the notion that their little get-things-done app that could would be getting some attention and extra polish. When teuxdeux came on the scene, there weren't nearly as many players in the space as there are now. The competition is fierce and teuxdeux had a lot to live up to.

We are now about a week past the announcements of the new version and it is officially out in the wild. It is available much sooner than I expected it. I assume that the release was expedited due to the announcement and buzz that was created during the keynote at SXSW.

I have installed the iOS app and signed up for a trial account on the website to take teuxdeux for a drive and kick the tires. I anticipated a clean, very simple method to enter my to-dos on a calendar. This is how teuxdeux was before and that is what I expected now. The connection between the website and the app was something that I hoped to be improved and very solid. I also expected there to be nice designy flourishes to make the app feel friendly and useful.

The new version of teuxdeux on the web is, in a word, very swiss. The design aesthetic is very bare and focuses primarily on a simple calendar that allows you to enter your to-dos for each day. This makes sense and is clear. It lacks features but it is very clean and functional. This is what teuxdeux was all about in the first place.

The updated iOS version doesn't come out as clean. There are a number of app killing issues that make me strongly advise you not use teuxdeux because of this version. To-dos cannot be moved from day to day on iOS. Moving through the calendar works well, but not being able to shuffle to-dos from day to day is damning.

Additionally there is a major oversight in the iOS app that I feel is utterly unforgiveable. In the “Someday” section you are able to create custom buckets to store future to-dos. Not only can you not move them out of their containers, but the labels that are preset are given names double click and to edit. There is no double click in iOS and therefore there is no way to edit these fields. This is obviously a carry over from the web version but stinks of lazy.

If this was an attempt to get the app out in an MVP state to gauge interest and satiate people's hunger for a new version, this is a complete failure. In it's current state it is unusable and I would not advise anyone to use it. All of this comes at a cost of $3 per month or $24 a year. Not too bad if it worked.

I am super bummed out that this is the state of the neux teuxdeux. I hope that swissmiss is able to turn around a major update to fix these issues. If they do I will give it another look and see if it fixes the problems that I experienced. Fingers crossed but not holding my breath.